The Truth About The Most Notorious Trades On Wall Street

As I’m sure you know, President Trump signed an executive order on Friday that halted enforcement of the Dodd-Frank fiduciary rule requiring financial advisors to put their clients’ best interests before their own. This reminded me of when I used to travel all over the country to teach trading seminars. And in every one, my[…]

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Michael Kors (KORS)

Thanks to steadily declining sales, luxury designer, Michael Kors, has been working hard to rebrand itself. But in an exclusive interview with CNBC, Tom Gentile explains why it’s too late – and gives you three reasons to stay away from the stock. The post Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Michael Kors (KORS) appeared first[…]

This Sector May Go “Extinct”- But These Three Stocks Won’t…

Despite the stock market’s all-time highs, there’s one sector that’s been hitting some serious lows recently. In fact, the sector’s top exchange traded fund (ETF) is already down 3.1% year-to-date compared to this time last year and has fallen 12% from its 52-week high. The outlook is even grimmer, with some pundits predicting the “extinction”[…]

The Eternal “Safe Haven” Wall Street is Hiding from You

We need to talk about something… You see, there’s been a growing trend in the stock market that Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about. That’s because this could prove to be the biggest investment opportunity for the next three decades. And with the Dow finally crossing the 20,000 mark today, the Wall Street[…]